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Reclaim Your Body, Mind & Wellness: Specialized Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain, Injury, and Enhanced Performance

Whether you’ve struggled to find relief elsewhere or simply seek to enhance your connection to your body, I am here to help.

Why Massage Has NOT Worked For You In the Past:

Many massage treatments that are available consist of the bare minimum of techniques taught in massage school. Most massage techniques are used with very little medical understanding or justification.

Put simply, the most common mistake made by massage therapists is that they work with extreme pressure mainly in the areas of the body which hurt. Very often the muscles that hurt are the weakest muscles. When a therapist works heavily in these areas only, it further weakens the tissue. This often creates more pain and puts the joint at risk for injury.

The entire muscular system and every joint MUST have balance; an evenness of strength and length supporting it from every angle. I use the necessary combination of trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and gentle relaxation massage to address the root cause of pain. The secret of my success is in understanding how each of the muscles affect each other, the bones, and the movement of the body as a whole. If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist interested in learning more, contact me about training and continuing education opportunities.

Chronic Pain or Serious Injury Can Often Feel Discouraging

Don’t let chronic pain diminish your quality of life or force you to give up your favorite activities. I understand the emotional toll it takes and the fear of wasting money on treatments that don’t offer lasting relief. My specialized care aims to address the root causes of your pain and provide effective solutions, so you don’t have to feel defeated or hopeless.

Do you feel like it's been an endless search for relief?

Perhaps you’ve already been to countless doctors, specialists, PT’s, and tried everything you can to relieve the pain. But nothing has worked. 

Chronic pain can be profoundly distracting, emotionally draining as well as significantly diminishing to your overall quality of life. Maybe you’ve even had to sit out on your favorite activies because of the physical limitations.

All you want is to find a solution that actually works for you.

Connect With Your Body and Uncover the Problems

My approach not only provides lasts results, but also allows you to start understanding what you are actually feeling. I’m here to listen as you tell me what’s been going on.

Together, we’ll uncover what in your body is actually hurting and why. 


Effective Results and Lasting Relief

Once I’ve found what in your body is actually hurting I’ll be able to start addressing the areas of concern. You’ll be able to finally enjoy an effective massage that gives lasting results which are truly life changing.

A Message From Autumn:

Hello, my name is Autumn Fisher, a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer in the Worthington, OH area that aims to help you with pain management. As a professional massage therapist, I specialize in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain and injury.

I personally have treated the “worst” muscular and structural problems with outstanding success for many years, using gentle therapeutic massage and myofascial release. I have gained experience in chiropractic settings, spas across the country and have been working independently for the last 7 years. I am confident working integratively with doctors to provide you with the best, safest care and pain management. I take pride in being a patient advocate for my clients, helping them to navigate the world of medicine and healing. I am also a certified personal trainer, specializing in corrective exercise. My understanding of exercise science gives me a greater understanding of muscular and structural pathology and is applied to every massage. I am a Reiki Master, having studied under multiple teachers. I have a great love of Reiki and sharing this gift with others.

My Happy Clients

Whether you’re just looking to take care and connect with your body more, or if you’re struggling with chronic pain or injury… I’ll help you develop a plan of care that will bring you the relief you desire.

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I have been seeing Autumn for about 3 years. Prior to this time, I would have nagging injuries that would prevent me from enjoying the outdoor activities that help to fulfill my life. Autumn is an artist of massage. She is a student of this art and stays up to date on techniques and is very aware of anatomical structure and the connectivity of muscles and joints. After a session, she spent time discussing stretches and exercises that I could try on my own to keep my body working at a high level. On top of all of this, Autumn is very soulful and has an intuition about what muscles need special attention at every visit. I highly recommend Autumn and plan to continue my regular sessions indefinitely.

Todd M

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I came to Autumn with chronic lower back pain that I had just about given up on fixing. Every doctor, physical therapist, and person I talked to had been no help. I started to feel a bit crazy as they eventually all started suggesting that nothing was physically wrong with me and it was in my head. They told me to take up meditation and go on a good walk. I felt hopeless. Then I started going to Autumn. She quickly started to find out why I was in so much pain and told me I was in fact not crazy. She confirmed that most of the advice from other doctors and PTs would not work in my case as my deep muscle spasms and tightness were too severe. Over the last couple months my lower back pain has almost completely disappeared. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Autumn.

Rocky M

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Autumn Fisher is hands down the most talented massage therapist I have ever seen.  There have been a few times over the years where I was not able to see her as often as I would have liked and I definitely noticed the difference in the quality of my life.  She keeps me moving and enjoying my life.  I honestly don’t want to think about where I would be without her as my massage therapist.  I am grateful for her skills, caring and conversation.

G. McBrearty

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Autumn has been my LMT over three years. I had little previous experience when it came to massage, to be honest I saw it as more of a luxury than anything else. That said, I’ve always had pain, in my knees and my back. I just thought it was something I had to live with. Eventually the pain became more than I could bare. I thought I would have to find new work, which I didn’t wan’t, and couldn’t afford. After seeing Autumn just a few times, I started to regain mobility and stamina in joints I thought were ruined. I’m still doing the same physical work I love, with less pain, more effectively, without surgery, or medications. Thanks Autumn!

Christian G

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I am being very honest when I say that I wouldn’t be able to walk hardly at all let alone be back to work without Autumn. I am still healing from a back injury and working with Autumn is the only thing that got me back on my feet and able to start helping myself heal. She’s got very good instincts and couple with her desire to always learn more, especially about you as her client, makes her stand out in her field. Autumn is very attentive, gentle and thorough. Everything about her makes you feel taken care of and listened to.

La Vonne Mangin

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Autumn is an AMAZING massage therapist! She’s very knowledge and her extensive training show in her unique and incredibly effective techniques. Truly unlike any other massage experience I’ve had!

S Stricker

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I called Autumn for massage therapy and it was a great decision. I am a Craniosacral Therapist and have been in the Massage and Bodywork field for 22 years. I am very choosey about whom I receive bodywork from. With my high expectations, Autumn meets my every hope. She is an amazing therapist with wonderful contact, very professional, smart and warm. She is by far the best LMT I have found in Columbus. You can’t go wrong with this Autumn. She is at the top of her game!

Sharon Hartnett CST-D

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I have been seeing Autumn regularly and I feel awesome! Her technique is different than other massage therapists that I have seen in the past, but they are very effective. She does a great job explaining what she is doing, why, and how to take care of your muscles and body between appointments to keep those problem areas in check. I highly recommend giving her a try!

Barb D

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Autumn’s massage is the BEST. I consider this muscle therapy not just pampering yourself.

Rashay Khripunova

Reclaim Your Body With Me

Whether you’re looking to address chronic pain, or injury, or just add to your self-care routine to improve your overall health, I’m here to help.

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