Expert Professional Massage and Bodywork in Worthington, OH

Autumn Fisher

Hello, my name is Autumn Fisher LMT, a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer in the Worthington, OH area that aims to help you with pain management. As professional massage therapists, I specialize in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain and injury.

I personally have treated the "worst" muscular and structural problems with outstanding success for many years, using gentle therapeutic massage and myofascial release. I have gained experience in chiropractic settings, spas across the country and have been working independently for the last 7 years. I am confident working integratively with doctors to provide you with the best, safest care and pain management. I take pride in being a patient advocate for my clients, helping them to navigate the world of medicine and healing. I am also a certified personal trainer, specializing in corrective exercise. My understanding of exercise science gives me a greater understanding of muscular and structural pathology and is applied to every massage. I am a Reiki Master, having studied under multiple teachers. I have a great love of Reiki and sharing this gift with others.

To book an appointment wtih Autumn please call or text.
[email protected]
571 N High St Worthington, Ohio 43085

William S. Hartley

William Hartley is a gifted licensed massage therapist and healer with more than 20 years of experience in intuitive bodywork. William is passionate about providing a safe and comfortable space where he uses touch therapy to relieve stress and pain. Will is capable of being completely presesnt with a body which is necessary to achieve the outstanding results he offers. His work provides muscular balancing to protect alignent of joints and function of movement. He uses a combination of Swedish Massage, trigger point, deep tissue, energy healing and myofascial release techniques to address underlying issues of stress, tension, and injury that are often the cause of discomfort and pain.

Will also offers soul sessions, which are comprised of intuitive and holistic coaching, spiritual guidance, mediumship touch, polarity therapy, Reiki, trance healing, craniosacral, chakra balancing, and massage. William is a channel for Spirit allowing the Spirit doctors, healers, teachers, and guides to work through him. A session with William is intended to offer you peace, clarity, comfort, relaxation, and healing.

Together, Autumn and William study musculoskeletal pathology and healing which further develops their ability to provide long lasting results. They share goals for continuing education which are unending, as well as goals for advancing the Massage Therapy Industry as a whole.

To book an appointment with William please call or text 740-396-0783.

What Makes Me Proud
  • Certifications and training in multiple modalities of healing and bodywork
  • Life long learners, always enjoying the next chapter of continuing education
  • Ohio State Medical Board issues licenses for therapeutic massage
  • Practicing the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
  • True passion for serving people
Locations Served
  • Worthington, OH