"I have been seeing Autumn for about 3 years. Prior to this time, I would have nagging injuries that would prevent me from enjoying the outdoor activities that help to fulfill my life. Autumn is an artist of massage. She is a student of this art and stays up to date on techniques and is very aware of anatomical structure and the connectivity of muscles and joints. After a session, she spend time discussing stretches and exercises that I can try on my own to keep my body working at a high level. On top of all of this, Autumn is very soulful and has an intuition on what muscles need special attention at every visit. I highly recommend Autumn and plan to continue my regular sessions indefinitely." - Todd D

"Autumn has been my LMT over three years. I had little previous experience when it came to massage, to be honest I saw it as more of a luxury than anything else. That said, I've always had pain, in my knees and my back. I just thought it was something I had to live with. Eventually the pain became more than I could bare. I thought I would have to find new work, which I didn't wan't, and couldn't afford. After seeing Autumn just a few times, I started to regain mobility and stamina in joints I thought were ruined. I'm still doing the same physical work I love, with less pain, more effectively, without surgery, or medications. Thanks Autumn!" - Christian G

"I have been seeing Autumn regularly and I feel awesome! Her technique is different than other massage therapists that I have seen in the past, but they are very effective. She does a great job explaining what she is doing, why and how to take care your muscles and body between appointments to keep those problem areas in check. I highly recommend giving her a try!" - Barb D

"I called Autumn for massage therapy and it was a great decision. I am a Craniosacral Therapist and have been in the Massage and Bodywork field for 22 years. I am very choosey about whom I receive bodywork from. With my high expectations, Autumn meets my every hope. She is an amazing therapist with wonderful contact, very professional, smart and warm. She is by far the best LMT I have found in Columbus. You can't go wrong with this Autumn. She is at the top of her game!" - Sharon Hartnett CST-D

"I am being very honest when I say that I wouldn't be able to walk hardly at all let alone be back to work without Autumn. I am still healing from a back injury and working with Autumn is the only thing that got me back on my feet and able to start helping myself heal. She's got very good instincts and couple with her desire to always learn more, especially about you as her client, makes her stand out in her field. Autumn is very attentive, gentle and thorough. Everything about her makes you feel taken care of and listened to." - La Vonne Mangin

"Autumn is an AMAZING massage therapist! She's very knowledge and her extensive training show in her unique and incredibly effective techniques. Truly unlike any other massage experience I've had!" - S Stricker

"I got a massage from Autumn and it was such an incredible experience! I am a massage therapist myself, so I get plenty of different massages and Autumn's massage was by far the most unique in the BEST way." - Rachael Talmon LMT

"Autumn's massage is the BEST. I consider this muscle therapy not just pampering yourself." - Rashay Khripunova

"I have never received the level of intuitive massage that Will provides. He is insightful and knowledgeable, and you can really tell he cares. His massages mixed with stretching is perfect for me - as I’m training for a 15k and am often tight and sore when on the table. He gives me pointers about what muscles need to be stretched more at home and what muscles to work on for better performance.

He also finds those pain points that you didn’t know you had or were bothering you until after he magically works them out - he reminds me of my osteopath in that way.

I always leave feeling lighter and more relaxed. Rejuvenated. And I look forward to my next visit.”- Stephanie.

Will is great. He is professional and does a wonderful job mixing different techniques. I left yesterday feeling amazing!” - Emily