Spa Experiences

Full Body Salt Scrub

60m $85

(if you have an active Wellness Plan you pay your regular 60m price plus $15)

Pink Himalayan Salt is mixed with sunflower, coconut oil and essential oils. The entire body is gently massaged and exfoliated. Provides fantastic lymphatic and myofascial movement. The body is wiped clean with hot towels and left feeling incredibly smooth and nourished.

Hand and Foot Scrub

30m $43

Each hand and foot is wrapped in a hot towel, then gently massaged and exfoliated with Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Hands and feet are wiped clean and left feeling incredibly smooth and nourished.

Foot Soak and Scrub

45m $55

Enjoy your favorite book or some peace and quiet as your feet soak for 20 minutes in hot water with fresh flowers, organic citrus slices and essential oils. The feet and legs are given a Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and Reflexology Massage before being dried and left feeling incredibly smooth and nourished. This is a great treatment for headaches and migraines.

Scalp Scrub

45m $65

The scalp is gently massaged with fresh organic lemon juice and Pink Himalayn Salt scrub to completely clean and exfoliate the scalp. Scalp and hair are rinsed with Handmade Herbal Detangler and Moisturizer, combed through and wrapped in a towel. The scalp and hair are left feeling clean and nourished.