Prenatal Massage

Expert-level prenatal massage can help mom feel great for her entire pregnancy. Massage therapy prepares the body for a smooth labor and dramatically assists in healing after birth. A massage and reiki session is well known to help labor begin by helping the mother and body feel wholly safe and nourished. When a mother is stressed, exhausted, or in pain labor, the body is resistant to allowing labor to begin. Advanced understanding allows Autumn to provide more therapeutic work for pain or discomfort in a pregnant mother than the typical prenatal massage, which uses relaxation techniques strictly.

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $145

120 minutes - $185

These rates include sales taxes.

Clients with a medical recommendation for therapeutic massage are exempt from paying sales tax which brings their total to $93 for 60 minutes, $135 for 90 minutes, $171. Medical recommendations must be renewed yearly.

We do not encourage clients to pay gratuity.

To book an appointment with Autumn please call or text 614-893-2958